Often they are behind the scenes, but we wanted to bring our facility maintenance staff forward to show our appreciation for all they do to make schools run smoothly. Recently, Iron County School District administrators started their day a little early to put together a breakfast for the maintenance and facilities staff, including custodians, ground crews, warehouse and more. The group was recognized as the team of the year for all the work they do.
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Group sitting at round table eating breakfast
group sitting at tables eating breakfast
man and woman putting pancakes and bacon on their plates
man opening pan for breakfast items
Man cooking sausage patties
To celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day, our local McDonald’s owner/operators have approved a fundraiser on Tuesday, May 7 from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. where 20% of all digital sales during that period will be tracked and donated to the Iron County School District Foundation. That money is used to support teachers and classrooms with funding that cannot be met through regular budgets. It is a simple process for you to help: Download the McDonald’s app and order your meals from 5-8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 The restaurants will track all digital app sales and will donate the percentage to our district.
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McTeacher's Night
Due to snow accumulation, all Iron County School District schools will follow a two-hour delayed start on Thursday, Jan. 11.. School start times and transportation schedules will run two hours later than normal. Morning preschool is canceled. Please check secondary bell schedules for specific class period start times. The school day will end at the regular time. Early morning practices and other before school activities will not be held. Any field trips scheduled for departure at the beginning of the school day are also canceled. If the weather continues to create unsafe conditions, more information will be communicated by 8 a.m. As during all adverse conditions, we encourage parents to make attendance decisions for their children based on their specific ability to get to school safely. We trust parents to make the ultimate call when it comes to their child's safety. Teachers will work with students to make up any missed assignments. -- Debido a la acumulación de nieve, todas las escuelas del Distrito Escolar del Condado de Iron comenzarán dos horas más tarde el 11 de enero. Los horarios de inicio de las escuelas y los horarios de transporte se retrasarán dos horas más tarde de lo normal. Las clases matutinas de preescolar de infancia quedan canceladas. Por favor, compruebe los horarios de las campanas secundarias para conocer los horarios específicos de inicio de las clases. El día escolar finalizará a la hora habitual. Las prácticas tempranas de la mañana y otras actividades antes de la escuela no se llevarán a cabo. Cualquier viaje de estudios programado para partir al comienzo del día escolar también quedará cancelado. Si el clima continúa creando condiciones inseguras, se comunicará más información a las 8 a.m. del martes por la mañana. Como durante todas las condiciones adversas, animamos a los padres a tomar decisiones de asistencia para sus hijos en función de su capacidad específica para llegar a la escuela de manera segura. Confiamos en que los padres tomen la decisión final cuando se trata de la seguridad de sus hijos. Los maestros trabajarán con los estudiantes para recuperar cualquier tarea perdida.
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Delayed Start
Iron County School District wishes you a Happy New Year. We welcome students back to our classrooms on Jan. 3. District offices are open Jan. 2. Teachers will also be back, participating in professional development. See you on Wednesday!
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Graphic Happy New Year
It's Fall Y'all! Reminder, no school for students on Friday, Oct. 20. Fall break is Monday, Oct. 23. All schools and district offices are closed.
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Fall Break Oct. 23. All schools and district offices closed. No school for students Oct. 20. Graphic with fall leaves
It's Fall Y'all! Reminder, no school for students on Friday, Oct. 20. Fall break is Monday, Oct. 23. All schools and district offices are closed.
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Fall break graphic announcing Oct. 23 all schools and district offices are closed. No school for students Oct. 20.
A phone call from a child who is crying can stir up all kinds of emotions for a parent. Scammers are playing on that vulnerability and calls targeting parents are on the rise. Reports of parents receiving such calls have been reported at some of our elementary schools. If you receive a call like this during the school day, please do the following: * Call dispatch at 435-586-2955 and report the phone call. * Call your child’s school to reassure yourself that your child is OK. * Do not give the caller personal identifying information by speaking your child’s name. * Stay calm. * Keep your social media settings on private so scammers do not have access to information about your children.
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Alert graphic