Kindergarten – 6th Grade:

School Begins   –   8:00 am
Dismiss (M-Th)  –   2:30 pm
Dismiss (F)   –   1:00 pm

Preschool Schedule:

Preschool M-Th
School Begins   –  8:00 am
Dismiss  –  10:30 am
*Please pick up preschool children at 10:30

For information about our preschool program, please click HERE to view the ICSD preschool site.

*Please no students before 7:40am

Please note that the dates for Escalante Valley’s Spring Break and 2 days without students differ from ICSD. Spring Break will be March 14-18, 2022, with a 2-day break April 14 & 15.

More information can be found HERE.